Our Team 2020


Co-President, Technical Team

Christopher Wang is a fourth year Software Engineering student at Carleton University who has been involved in the AI/ML industry for over two years in both a professional and research capacity. Currently working as a Research Scientist Intern at Nuance Communications, his research focus is Machine Learning on encrypted data. When he’s not reading papers or running experiments he enjoys bouldering, running and personal fitness.


Co-President, Administration Team

Ujan is an international student, in his second year in Computer Science. He has been extremely interested in AI/ML for as long back as he can remember. Being of an extremely inquisitive nature in anything related to academics, he loves engaging in self-learning and teaching himself and others various concepts related to the field. When he’s not trying to gobble up information regarding AI or tearing out his hair in frustration while coding, he’s either asleep or playing video games.

Fun fact: Ujan is a massive soccer fan. Real Madrid, all the way! 


VP Events

Kyle’s a fourth year Computer Science student who is very interested in AI and HCI. Currently he’s in the Networking Computing Stream, with a Minor in American Sign Language!


VP Finance

Staisya is going into her second year of Mathematics, with a minor in archaeology. She loves to draw and paint, as well as enjoy the great outdoors! Fun fact about Staisya is that she can solve a standard Rubik’s cube in under two minutes!


Technical Project Manager

Darren is a Technical Project Manager this year at CAIS and he is in his fourth year of Computer Science. Darren enjoys playing rugby and cheering for the Toronto Raptors 
Fun fact: Darren has an identical twin!


Technical Project Manager

Galen is starting a Masters in Computer Science, specializing in Data Science. He enjoys snowboarding, playing golf and discussing philosophy of mind. Fun fact: Galen has his scuba diving certification.


Project Coordinator

Amaya is a third year Computer Science student, minoring in psychology. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and playing video games. Did you know that Amaya has done skydiving before?!


Academic Lecturer

Abdullah is an academic lecturer this year at CAIS. He is pursuing his doctoral studies in the Computer Science department, starting his second year this Fall. Abdullah’s research interests are Graph Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning and Computational Neuroscience. Away from his research, Abdullah enjoys spending his free time watching TV shows, reading and playing Chess.


VP Community Engagement

Gordon is in Computer Science with a double minor in Economics and Statistics. He was the CCSS first year representative last year. In his free time, he likes to play video games and watch the stock market.


VP Sponsorship

Japinder is going into his fourth year of Computer Science. He has also been a professional cinematographer for 7 years, directing award winning short films. With a focus in Computer Vision, he is super excited about AI and is also working on a startup for a video editing application!


VP Development

Justin is our VP Development. He is in his second year of Neuroscience and Mental Health with a minor in Computer Science. He grew up in Ottawa speaking French, and he loves to learn about all things neuroscience, tech, and the mixture of both! He enjoys playing volleyball and keeping up with the NBA.


VP External

Danna, is a second year Computer Science student, minoring in business and statistics. She is passionate about the arts and fashion and how technology can improve or change these fields. She also mentors girls interested in the tech industry. Fun fact: Danna used to be a competitive artistic swimmer!


Social Media Coordinator

Harsh is one of our Social Media Coordinators. He is in his second year of Computer Science and he loves watching soccer. Harsh enjoys travelling and exploring new places. He is fascinated at how computer graphics and visualization creates a whole new world in movies and video games and would love to learn about this in the future!


VP Communication

Diya is a second year Finance student, minoring in Statistics. When she isn’t hanging out with her friends or eating food, she likes to go out and explore different places or go shopping! Diya was our VP Marketing the previous term and has been our youngest executive member since!


Social Media Coordinator

Kelsey is in her fourth year of Law and Legal Studies, focusing on how law and technology intersect. She is interested in learning about how AI and ML are used in the legal system and the ethics of it. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and petting her cat.


VP Internal

Nihal is a third year Computer Science student who enjoys playing basketball and learning new skills. He has lived in four different countries and attended seven different schools growing up!