Our Team 2021


Co-President, Tech Team

Abdullah is pursuing his doctoral studies in the Computer Science department, starting his third year this Fall. Abdullah’s research interests are Graph Neural Networks, Few-Shot Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Computational Neuroscience. Away from his research, Abdullah enjoys spending his free time watching TV shows, reading and playing Chess.

Gordon img


Co-President, Admin Team

Gordon is in third year Computer Science double minoring in Economics and Statistics. His strategy this year is to have beginner friendly workshops, lucrative competitions, and to further establish the club within Carleton’s community. He plays Overwatch in his free time.


VP Events

Kyle’s a fourth year Computer Science student who is interested in AI and HCI. Currently he’s in the Networking Computing Stream, with a Minor in American Sign Language!


VP Finance

Fareen is a free-spirited Software Engineering student with a keen interest in public safety. Fareen is scatter-brained, inquisitive, and a problem solver. Her hobbies include (but are not limited to) lock-picking, plant collecting, trying to live the zero waste lifestyle, and enjoying “alternative” movies and video games. Her research interests lie within the realm of cybersecurity infrastructure being ICT resilience, the role of AI in cybersecurity, and quantum cryptography. Beyond that, Fareen loves supporting and advocating for EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) as well as sustainability. Fareen also loves meeting and learning about new people so feel free to reach out!


VP External

Ujan is a third year Comp Sci international student and has been extremely interested in AI/ML for as long back as he can remember. When he’s not trying to gobble up information regarding AI or tearing out his hair in frustration while coding, he’s either asleep or playing video games or watching a lot of anime.


VP Engagement & Webmaster

Enos is a first year computer science student with an interest in data science and web development. She has a comprehensive list of kdrama & anime recommendations, and loves thriller/horror movies. You can always connect and reach out for some recommendations.


VP Development

Justin’s currently in 3rd year of his Neuroscience degree with a minor in Computer Science. He’s very interested in the development of innovative technologies and the cross between healthcare and programming/ AI. Feel free to start talking about anything relating to bioinformatics with him!


VP Communications and Engagement

Kanishkkumar is an international student, in his first year of Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its applications in various fields. In his free time, he either likes to do adventurous activities or simply just have a walk in the nature. You can contact him to know more about CAIS while having a short hike in/near Ottawa.


VP Sponsorship

Japi likes being Japi


Social Media Coordinator

Samaia is a third year cognitive science student with a concentration in cognition and psychology and a minor in business. When Samaia isn’t eating ice cream or making sure her dog isn’t stealing her socks, she’s usually getting outside or reading a good book. In the future, Samaia dreams of moving far away to somewhere Winter doesn’t exist and starting a career in UX/UI design.


Social Media Coordinator

Brian is a third-year computer science student at Carleton taking a minor in statistics and a minor in psychology. He has always been fascinated by robots and their inner workings, especially the AI design portion of it. You’ll probably most likely hear Brian talk about his latest netflix show obsession at some point (he’s a pro binge-watcher).


Workshop Lead

Victoria has just begun her MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering this past summer. Her research focuses on applying machine learning and data science techniques to solve problems in biomedical informatics. She is currently working on microRNA discovery and target prediction.

Fun fact: Victoria loves to bake: cookies, cinnamon rolls, pies and cakes. Anything at all! 


Workshop Lead

Khoa is entering his MASc studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence this Fall. He is currently researching Few-Shot Learning, Semantic Segmentation and DSP algorithms for his work in artery wall motion tracking using ultrasound. Fun fact: Khoa works as a mobile app developer for a business venture with Stanford Hospital in Silicon Valley with fellow Workshop Lead Arushan.


Workshop Lead

Dami is a Second Year Computer Science and Mathematics student who is interested in AI, Cloud Architecture and Cybersecurity. He enjoys researching and working on projects using AI to improve cybersecurity.

Fun Fact: Dami is currently a DJ and Producer and plays soccer in his free time.


Workshop Lead

Arushan is a recent graduate from Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from Carleton University. He is passionate about the transformation of the healthcare industry through advances in data science and machine learning. 

Fun fact: Arushan is currently involved in a business venture with Stanford Hospital in the Silicon Valley along with fellow Workshop Lead Khoa

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