Our Team 2022



Gordon is in fourth-year Computer Science in the AI & ML stream with a minor in Statistics. He is currently in a co-op but will help organize finances for the society. He plays Overwatch 2, TFT and Valorant in his free time.

Enos Odigie


Enos is a 2nd year Computer Science and Statistics student who’s interested in the Data Science & AI field. She loves thriller/horror movies and is currently reading Kaiju No. 8.

Khun Thu Rein


Khun is in his second year majoring Computer Science with an interest in web development. He loves playing soccer in his free time. 

Farzad Roozitalab

Workshop Lead

Fazard Roozitalab is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Mechanical Engineering. His graduate research is focused on physics-informed deep learning and fluid dynamics. He completed his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2020. Prior to joining the APEX team at Carleton University, Fazard was a machine learning engineer and consultant at Tessella (a Hybrid Intelligence team, within Capgemini Engineering in Italy).

David Hobson

Workshop Lead

Dave is in fourth-year Computer Science in the AI & ML stream (although he also studied science and math in another life). He has done a few co-ops spanning private, government, and research work (pretty much all doing something NLP (natural language processing) related), and is currently working on a thesis project in computer vision. Dave is most interested in AIs ability to revolutionize efficiencies and achieve (in some respects) human-like task performance, but is also interested in its foundations and its social aspects, including AI ethics and social equity. In his free time, he enjoys climbing, camping, hiking, (basically anything outdoors), ultimate frisbee, and photography.

Jahnelle Woldegiorgis

Social Media Coordinator

Jahnelle is a second-year student studying international and Global studies with a minor in business. Jahnelle finds artificial intelligence interesting and has passion for social media. Hanging out with her friends or watching a basketball game are a few things she does outside school.

Rabten Tsering


Rabten is in his second year in the machine learning and AI stream. He has general interest in the AI field and is hoping to further improve his knowledge in the AI field. He loves to play soccer and read manga in his past time.

Nadia Uddin

Event Coordinator

Nadia is in her second year in the Honors Computer Science program. Her interest between the interaction with humans and computers has drawn her to join CAIS and discover more in the technology field. She enjoys binging Netflix, crafting, origami, hiking, and doing whatever her mind is set towards! She is super excited to bring new workshops and events to CAIS and can’t wait for an exciting year ahead!

Itoro Umanah

Social Media Coordinator

Itoro is a second year Communications and Media Studies student who has a passion for video and content creation. She’s fascinated by all things AI and loves to shop!

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